ClickBid Release Notes – 4.12


  1. ‘Hosted Fields’ has been implemented for and Moneris on all pages where credit cards are accepted. This means that the credit card fields are actually provided by the credit processors themselves and the data entered in these fields travels directly to processor servers. It is a completely outsourced credit processing solution and therefore qualifies for PCI Compliance using SAQ A . NOTE: Upon deployment of 4.12.000, there will be a credit processing service interruption for and Moneris clients. Clients using these processors MUST update their ClickBid admin system with a new credential on Software Settings >> Auction Event >> Payments and Goals. Instructions to update what they need are provided on that page. NOTE: We are no longer providing for users to enter the CVV from a card. This requires a setup change in the merchant account settings: Enhanced Card Code Verification (CCV) Handling Filter needs to have P  set to ALLOW. This means that their merchant account will allow a transaction if the CCV is not present for the transaction. They can still require CCV on other pages that they develop where they use their Authorize account and they can still use Authorize tools to validate CCV on those pages, but ClickBid will not provide a way to enter CCV, so the merchant account needs to be set up to allow a transaction that does not include CCV.
  2. ClickBid credit processing no longer includes a field for CCV entry. Braintree does not require CCV for transactions and the only fraud protection it really provides is to ensure that the purchaser has the card in their possession. CCV cannot be stored by any processor per PCI compliance rules, so it was already not being validated for any transaction where a card on file was being used for the purchase.
  3. Ticket Sales Check Paid  and Check Unpaid  have been added as payment types for ticket sales. A ticket purchase made by selecting check as the payment type will automatically be recorded as Check Unpaid. A ticket sale can be marked Check Paid by clicking the ‘i’ icon to display the purchase info and then checking the box next to Paid? .
  4. Ticket Page When Company  text box is used, ensure that the Address  text box is moved down to the next line.
  5. Ticket Page The message You will receive a confirmation by email once we have received your payment  is no longer displayed for check purchases.
  6. Bidding Application – Design changes to colors and minor layout updates aimed at simplifying user experience.
  7. Admin Portal – Design changes to colors and minor layout updates to simplify use.
  8. Software Settings menu option Custom CSS  has been added. This page allows the user to add custom CSS code to the system to change colors, fonts, etc.
  9. Software Settings menu option Manage Images  has been added. This page shows every image in the system (items, sponsors, logos, backgrounds) on one page and allows for image deletion individually, by selecting multiple images, or removing all images from the system. It also allows for image rotation and cropping, as well as downloading all images to a zip file. The image file names displayed are the actual file names used by ClickBid to store the image.
  10. Multiple item images are now displayed on the login preview page and browse pages.
  11. Self Check-in no longer allows the user to update first or last name. This is intended to help combat the issue of bidders sending their link to other guests for them to ‘register’.
  12. Software Settings >> Event Settings is now called Auction Event
  13. Post Event >> Pre-Checkout Receipts is now called Items Won by Bidder
  14. Post Event >> Printable Statements is now called All Paid Statements
  15. Auction Event >> Mobile Bidding Site Settings checkboxes for requiring address and credit card are no longer shown as sub-options of the ‘Register Today’ checkbox, because they are utilized even when ‘Register Today’ is not.
  16. Butler Check-in, added yellow highlighting to password fields if password is entered and does not match in the ‘password again’ field.
  17. Appeal display now scrolls a list of names instead of one-at-a-time.

Issues Resolved

  1. The ‘Download Manage Guests’ CSV file was including records from donation only  purchasers.
  2. The Manage Items raffle checkbox was not able to be unchecked.
  3. From the bidding site, using the ‘tap here to add your card’ page was updating check in date/time and checked in by fields for the bidder record.
  4. If done close enough together in time, checking a bidder out from Butler while the bidder checked themselves out from the bidding site could cause the bidder to be checked out twice.
  5. The international phone number checkbox would not save as checked for a US or Canada event.

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