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ClickBid Release Notes – 4.0.8

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New Features:
Email statement to bidders when checked out via batch process utility.
In bidapp checkout, change button label ‘change card’ to ‘Use Different Card?’
Add ability to see receipt from bidapp.
Blind Bid – New item type to hide bid history winning bidder from bidders.

Bug Fixes:
“My bids” blind bids need to show high bidder as winner instead of last bidder entered.
Daylight savings check box did not update system time for events.
Event Sales shows last bidder instead of highest bidder for blind bids.
Leaderboard blind bids need to show high bidder as winner instead of last bidder
Event payments ‘processed’ needs to show ‘other’ payment type
Adding a bidder needs to default ‘receive text messages’ as checked
Default ‘send text’ to unchecked whether adding or editing
Times on bid history pages are showing UTC
Event sales shows all blind bids while blind bid item is active (carryover from donation item)
Qty Based Items not showing the qty drop down in Event Manager
Item ID showing in outbid notice instead of Item Number

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