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ClickBid Integrates Silent Auction Software with Kindful

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BidKit LogoSince 2002, ClickBid has paved the way for a simpler and more efficient silent auction software. Today, this mantra remains equally important as it was over a decade ago. ‘ The recent integration with Kindful has propelled’ the success of BidKit, ClickBid’s newest project, even farther than its initial start. This move will bridge the gap for organizations by allowing secure transfers between ClickBid’s silent auction software and Kindful’s donor management system.

Kindful LogoWith the ever increasing connectivity of software, ClickBid’s aim is to connect users with the databases they already use. This makes any donor activity recorded in ClickBid now effortlessly transferrable to Kindful or vice versa. ‘ This change represents an incredibly efficient way to transfer data as well as monitor your donor base.

Additionally, this feature arrives with real-time capability by allowing organizations to sync information between the two software immediately. ‘ For example, this allows volunteers to immediately transfer donor information registered in one database but not the other. ‘ This small feature completely redesigns the check-in and check-out experience for your events. This convergence of the two programs gives organizations free rein to manage their donor base and mobile bidding needs.

A Better Way to Manage Your Auction

Integration Software - BidKitClickBid understands that silent auction software pairs naturally with a donor management system. However, the traditional means of exporting, importing, and manipulating files is time-consuming, prone to mistakes, and far from conducive.’  The integration of Kindful and BidKit’ upholds their motto of crazy simple software. Matthew Burnell, founder and CEO of ClickBid, characterized the move by saying, There’s no reason for such a common process to be this needlessly complicated. We believe this newest feature adheres to the original purpose of good software: consistent and efficient assistance for you and your organization. 

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