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8.0.0622 released

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1. The Butler EventStream page now allows for a Floor Bid to be placed without
entering a bid number. The first time this happens, a bidder number 474747
is created and the bid is assigned to that bidder number. Any other times
the Floor Bid ‘Submit’ button is clicked without entering a bid number will
create a current bid using this bidder number and show it in the bid
history. If a Floor Bidder is the winning bidder, once that bid number is
known, the winning bid can be entered via the Butler Add A Bid on the Butler
Main menu page (and the 474747 bid deleted). Also, if an invalid bidder
number is entered and submitted as a floor bid, an alert will show that the
number was invalid and the bid was not placed.

2. EventStream ‘Live’ items are now showing their winning bid on the admin
launched and public leaderboards.

Issues addressed:

1. Text to give links are once again working in all situations.
2. The EventFeed page is now correctly labeling EventStream live bids.
3. Event Payments batch checkout is now correctly identifying winning bids for
EventStream live items.

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