8.2.0917 released


1. TravelPledge: we will now send winning bid data for an item previously sent as unsold.
2. TravelPledge: on the API docs page, the ‘generate API key’ button has been removed.

Issues addressed:

TravelPledge: we are now giving a better error if you try to access your TravelPledge account when your event date is in the past.
Classy: you can once again access Classy campaigns that are of the type “Registration with Fundraising Event” in addition to “Ticketed Event”.

ClickBid 8.2.0917


1. TravelPledge: if a bid is added to a closed TravelPledge item from Butler, we are now sending that data to TravelPledge
2. Ticket Page has been upgraded to use a newer version of Google captcha that most times will not require any input from the user.

Issues addressed:

1. Ticket page submit button will now reset to allow submissions if there was an error condition on the page.


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