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8.2.0922 released

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1. For EventStream accounts, in Butler there is now a ‘Launch Confidence Display’ button next to the ‘Manage Your EventStream’ button. This new page is a real time display of what is happening with the live auction and donations being conducted on the ‘Manage Your EventStream’ page. This display only page is intended for an auctioneer or emcee to be able to view bids or donations coming in real time.
2. The EventStream Live Broadcast page has some new verbiage intended to clarify procedures when using OBS or other broadcasting software. A ‘reset’ link was also added below the ‘Start’ button to click in case it is stuck on ‘Connecting’. Additional setting suggestions were added for OBS users using an RTMP connection to help with video quality.
3. When logged in as a bidder, when the chat window is opened, it will no longer display fields to enter an email address or password.
4. On the bidding site landing page, verbiage was changed from ‘Not registered to bid?’ to just ‘Not registered?’ above the ‘Register Now’ button.
5. Email validation was enhanced on the online ticket sales page, the online donations page, and when logging in to the bidding site. These pages all now accept a ‘top level domain’ of 2-10 characters (i.e. [email protected] or [email protected]).
6. For accounts using BidKit Payments, the summary amounts have been removed from the Merchant Account page to reduce confusion about transactions that have been processed and paid out.

Issues addressed:

1. When logged in to the bidding site, if another tab is opened and the bidding site launched, the menu once again indicates ‘Login/Register’ instead of ‘Continue Bidding’.
2. When making an online donation and declining to pay the admin fee, the amount presented to be paid on the confirmation popup is once again displayed to two decimal places.

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