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8.2.0929 released

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1. Accounts can now be configured to allow a Quantity item to be charged to the bidder’s card on file automatically when they purchase the item on the bidding site.
a. There is a ‘yes/no’ option for this on Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payments “Charge CC at time Quantity bid is placed?”. When this is set to Yes, ANY quantity item that is open for purchase on the bidding site will engage this feature.
b. On the bidding site, once the quantity of the item has been selected, a popup message will say “Your card ending will be charged immediately for . A receipt will be emailed to .”
c. The will be the total amount for whatever quantity is being purchased (i.e. purchase 2 for $20 would be $20) with the admin fee added if applicable. As of this release, the bidder cannot opt out of the cc fee for this feature.
d. If the bidder does not have a card on file, they will receive a message about adding their card before they can purchase.
2. Event Central > Live Broadcast page was updated to add office hours links and times.
3. Larger email validation (.charity etc) was added on
a. Items > Manage Donors
b. Items > Manage Items (donor section)
c. Event Central > Event Payments (the batch update email at the top)
d. Reports > Post Event Report
e. Donations/Text to Give > Manage Donations (adding or editing the email)
4. Reports > Post Event Report, the deprecated date/time range boxes and related verbiage were removed from the page.

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