8.2.1006 released

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1. Three are three new appeal display background settings that are available on the Manage Items and Appeal Display pages.
2. For BidKit Payments Merchant Account page, you now create a one time use link to update account information. This link can be sent to anyone who needs to update the information and they do not need admin login credentials to update their BidKit Payments information relating to their organization and the individual(s) named as contacts.
3. For donation items, the bidding site Auction Preview will no longer show a FMV.
4. The ticket sales Sales Summary page no longer references ‘version 7’.
5. The Welcome page no longer indicates the closing time of the auction, just the date.

Issues addressed:

1. When using Butler from cbo.io/butler, the EventStream confidence display is now working.
2. Manage Items CSV and Excel downloads no longer show HTML characters when downloading formatted content.
3. Bidder bid history is once again showing bids for auction items correctly as just the dollar amount instead of incorporating a quantity.

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