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8.4.210210 Release

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  1. Merchant Account: Monthly payouts are now shown with the day of the month when the payout will take place. 
  2. Best Practice: When you open a best practice there is a print icon located at the top of the popup page so you can save it as a pdf or print.
  3. The public leaderboard will no longer show the bidder number next to the bidder/hidden name. 
  4. Item donate form on the landing page: Once the donor submits the item donation form they receive an email; that email now shows the Organization instead of the event name in the subject and in the signature line. 
  5. Event Central > Live Broadcast page: under the OBS tab an updated screenshot was added for the latest custom Version (26) and the version was updated in the verbiage in the instructions for OBS tab and the “Other” tab. 


  1. Best Practice: The search bar is working correctly whether you right-click & paste or ctrl+v into the search bar. The search is also no longer case sensitive. 
  2. !Action Required on the Admin Welcome page: after a client’s Merchant account is set up and credit card is enabled, if Stripe is not able to verify the address and needs more information, an appropriate message is now displayed.
  3. Appeal Display: Several issues related to displaying sponsor logos on this page were corrected.
  4. Payouts with BidKit Processing: there were some scenarios where clients could receive more than one payout email for the same payout – this has been corrected.

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