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ClickBid 5.0: Making Software Crazy Simple

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As of late, it can feel like technology has become somewhat of a contradiction. Growing advancements should make our lives simpler, however, as the variety of tools increases so does the need to separate the good from the bad. We’ve all experienced poor software that required more time than it saved. But at ClickBid, we realize this isn’t a scenario you can afford with your auction software. Planning for an annual dinner or a bidding event should feel aligned with your company’s end goals.’  Not a chore that’s off course. It’s because of this that now, more than ever, ClickBid is re-energizing its focus towards simple, user-friendly software. The 5.0 update is more than a step in this direction, it’s leaps and bounds closer to the goal.

Simpler Auction Software

Bad software is technology that distracts your energy from the organization’s goals. A situation where, rather than focusing on the job, time is spent learning the systems. We believe what qualifies us to reverse this trend is that ClickBid has worked in the auction software space for over sixteen years. More than just writing code, we collaborate personally with nonprofits to plan their events. In short, we studied the ins and outs of what our clients need, before we created the tools to fill those needs. This converging expertise has been a crucial part of who we are, especially in developing the 5.0 update.

A Dual Approach

The mission for this update was taking a dual approach to our motto of crazy simple software. First, organizations will find the new interface user-friendly, clean, and direct. It requires little to no effort or training. Rather, upon creating your account, you can immediately begin completing your work. But secondly, the best way to aid nonprofits is ultimately by creating a great experience for their donors. We did this by designing a single page bidding site that is unlike anything else in the auction software space. Donor sign-in is simple as receiving a link by text message, confirming their identity, and then bidding. The page they are directed to holds any needed resources within a single click. Bidding on items, browsing categories, viewing their history, all displayed within a self-explanatory interface. And yet, as proud as we are, we must highlight the greater picture this update fits into.

Auction Software and Our Thesis

ClickBid 5.0 is a landmark achievement in our path, but it is not out of step from its fellow updates. Our latest integrations help make data transferring secure and efficient to mail systems, data management sites, or other softwares. Additionally, we’ve also restructured our customer service process. Users can now send questions through a quick response Support Portal and receive help via a message, video, screen sharing. Additionally, the portal now archives all correspondence for your convenience and makes it available by simply signing into your email. We’re truly excited to present ClickBid 5.0 and its fellow revisions.

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