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9.0.210503 Release

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  1. Event Central > Butler > Manage Your EventStream (or Event Central > Live Broadcast > Launch Butler EventStream) a pop up now appears titled “Page Control Alert”. You will now have to type Yes and click “Take Control” to take control of the live auction. If you just want to view the page without being able to click the start/sell/reopen buttons, click “View”. This box will pop up every time this Eventstream page is opened. If you were in control of the page and another user takes control, you will receive a notification within 15 seconds.
    • This change is an effort to prevent more than one person from trying to run Eventstream while the live auction is going on. The system runs this check every 15 seconds to determine which browser session is in control of the page.
    • Page Control Alert popup
    • New Message on Manage your Eventstream page
    • Message if control is taken away from your page

2. The !Action Required message on the home welcome screen will show the message below if Stripe suspends a Merchant account for review.

! No Action Required
Payout suspended pending review. This is common and should be resolved shortly

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