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9.0.210517 ClickBid Release

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  1. In addition to images accessed when logged in to the bidding site, landing page Auction Preview images now have a magnifying glass. Without clicking on the magnifying glass they can also use the pinch method with a mobile phone or with a mouse you can use the wheel on a laptop or desktop. This is a Java Script update which may require clearing cache and refreshing the page.
  2. Admin>Welcome screen the Important Dates title and Phone support date was updated to Orange.

Issues Addressed:

  1. Merchant Report reconciled transactions – if there is a refund in the date range selected, that amount is now subtracted from the net total at the top of the section. 
  2. Silent Auction items set to invisible with a closing date in the future are no longer available for bidder self-checkout until the items are closed.

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