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9.1.210602 Release

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  1. Double The Donation integration is now available for matching donations with employers. Double the Donation is a matching gifts database provider, and 360MatchPro is the platform that they offer in addition to the database. 360MatchPro optimizes any matching gifts strategy through eligibility verification, automatic follow-up, matching gift status and revenue tracking. When a bidder or online donor makes a donation, during checkout they can now check to see if their employer will match their donation.  
    Set up the integration to Double the Donation using BidKit.

    If you don’t currently have a 360MatchPro account, we provide a contact form link.
  2. Archiving ticket sales or online donations no longer allows an archive name to be entered. The archive name will be based on the date that it is performed. Renaming archives will be allowed in a future release.
  3. The ability to insert an Instagram feed on the Landing Page has been removed after Facebook API changes broke our ability to provide this feature.

Issues Resolved

  1. Display Cards: the font overlapping in the title on the page has been updated. 
  2. Merchant Report>Refunds will be showing in the Unreconciled Transactions area before or after an org has been paid out for the original transaction. Under the Tag field, it will show Refund.

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