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A Change Here and A Change There

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Over the years, we’ve worked with a lot of organizations from charter schools to national organizations. Through those experiences we’ve found something that is the same for each organization – the fact that none are the same. It’s true that ClickBid is a tool that takes silent auctions into a paperless environment. It’s true that we enable smartphones, iPod Touches and tablets to allow guests to bid. But that’s about where the similarities stop. Each organization has a truly unique way of doing auctions and we’ve learned to adapt and make software that is as unique as our customers.

[callout_text]ClickBid is an open platform that takes the shape of our client’s needs. Each client is unique and so is their version of our software.[/callout_text]For example, recently I found myself scouring the internet looking for logos for each auction item our client had. They wanted logos instead of photos of the actual auction item. To them, it was a branding opportunity for their donors. At the same time, I was receiving auction item photos for another client taken by digital camera and they were selling sponsorship areas on the software where we would feature a logo of a paying sponsor. Two unique ways to display donors and sponsors all within the same software.

Now this may seem trivial but the examples continue for each customer and the ability to make those changes is key. ClickBid is built on the idea that software is greatest when it meets your needs. That seems like a simple premise but actually it is very hard to do when you develop a platform that is the same for each customer and only can handle the general needs of the many. What if we had to tell our clients that they either put logos of their donors on each item or not at all? Then some organizations would miss the opportunity to fund their silent auction technology with sponsorships.

In the end, ClickBid is an open platform that takes the shape of our client’s needs. Each client is unique and so is their version of our software. It helps us learn about our customers and it helps our customers get the solutions they need. We feel this is the ultimate future of web and application development and we’re planning for it.

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