Additional Free Events

Free Events

What’s better than a great big gala event that raises lots of money? Three more free!

Ok, well maybe the idea of planning four big galas in one year sounds unrealistic (to me too). However, with ClickBid, you don’t have to stop fundraising just because the gala is over. Here’s how we recommend getting the most from ClickBid (without adding the stress of event planning).

Additional Events

Auction Bidders

Each full license of ClickBid allows you to run four events annually. But don’t think of them as venues, catering, valet, entertainment, etc. Thanks to the efforts you put forth in your first event, you now can easily run another event completely online. In fact, we’re seeing this more and more as corporations run entire conferences online.

Data That Works For You

Event Sales

When you ran your first event you captured very important data that you can now use to make a secondary event easier. First, you have a whole collection of donor data with contact information that you can easily email (or text) with your next event info. Second, you know from the bid history and your reports what items hit fair market, had the most bidders and caused the most bidding activity. Use that data to focus your item acquisition. Third, you have a re-usable landing page to promote your entire event online. No need for a venue or ticket sales. You can literally pop up an auction in just a few minutes.

1, 2, 3, Go

It’s simple to get another event running. First, complete your previous auctions reconciliation. Go to Event > Event Payments to clear all the items from “To Process”. Second, request a merchant payment (ClickBid Credit Processing only) under Request Payment. Third, setup your next event under Software Settings > Account Status. Just pick new dates and choose how you’d like to handle your previous data. Then, go run your next event by adding a few items under Items > Manage Items and modifying your landing page under Software Settings > Landing Page Content.

All of this is backed by our dedicated and experienced support staff. If you have questions, simply start a chat and our team will guide you through the process.


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