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Silent Auction Software and Integration

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Article Highlights
* Data is no longer a stagnant medium.
* Shareability determines value.
* Auction Software Integration and user-friendly access are the keys to properly using your data.
* Encourage yourself to launch data farther than your ClickBid account.
Companies like ClickBid hold a much greater responsibility than simply managing data. The reason is because today information is no longer something stagnant. We expect software to not only store data safely, but also be able to share it efficiently. While data is king, transferability is vital to its representation. Today, the way in which data is shared almost entirely determines its value.

Disconnected Silent Auction Software

Data IntegrationIn the past, technology stored and managed data separately. Different, unconnected programs ran everyday tasks like sending an email, scheduling a meeting, or organizing your calendar. Even with silent auction software, information from your event is collected by one system and handled separately by a management software. ‘ However, this order of operations has become increasingly outdated. ‘ It’s this type of outline that allows technology to take more time from you than it saves.

And yet, there’s no reason to continue accepting this burden. The recent boom in cloud computing not only normalized the idea of sharing data across but made it an expected feature in the modern age. ‘ Whether it’s syncing apps on your smartphone or bridging silent auction software, it’s crucial to know the tricks for working smart with auction software integration.

Adapting To Auction Software Integration

BidKit Auction Software IntegrationWe’ve made it our mission to place data sharing as a priority. ‘ What ClickBid handles the most is collecting the data for your donors and bidders. ‘ Our goal is to analyze and document the event itself, ensuring that the information is readily available and easy to interact with after.

But we understand that other platforms often handle the’ strategies for using that information. ‘ We’ve worked to make an easy transition between ClickBid and those donor management systems. Our data syncs seamlessly and securely to both’ social media, as well as software like Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge, e-Tapestry, Kindful or Neon. ‘ This not only saves time but makes the process as a whole more effective. ‘ The technology is there, we believe you should be free to use them without restriction for your silent auction.

We take great pride in our donor management partners. ‘ Through continued adaptability and data sharing capabilities, our goal is for ClickBid to be a launchpad. ‘ As a silent auction software provider, it is an excellent way to prepare for your events as well as track the information needed. ‘ How and where you decide to maximize the value of that data is entirely up to you.


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