Breaking Down Finances: 5 Top Considerations for Nonprofits

When you consider your nonprofit’s finances, the first thing that comes to mind is likely your fundraising initiatives. After all, fundraising provides the money necessary to make your programs work and keep your organization afloat. That’s why your team works so hard to drive donations from your supporters. In order for your nonprofit to make […]

8 Tips For Holding a Successful Online Auction

Online fundraising has become wildly popular after the pandemic and after organizations were pushed to go completely virtual. Online auctions still require preparation but are less overwhelming compared to in-person auctions or galas. ClickBid provides an event fundraising platform and has helped many nonprofits transition from in-person auctions to online auctions. To help you maximize […]

Leveraging Your CRM: 4 Tools to Not Overlook

Your CRM is the centerpiece of your nonprofit’s technology stack, and how you use it will impact your organization’s overall strategy and effectiveness. For nonprofits operating at the enterprise level, most projects will leverage your CRM in some way, from planning a major silent auction to communicating internally about an ongoing project.  Of course, with […]

6 Matching Gift Key Metrics Your Organization Should Know

By: Adam Weinger, President of Double the Donation  Corporate philanthropy can come in many different forms⁠ — including event sponsorships, in-kind donations, and matching gifts. More and more businesses are beginning to take part in corporate giving for a multitude of reasons, and nonprofit causes continue to reap the benefits. As one of the most […]

9 Steps to Planning an Excellent Silent Auction

A silent auction is a classic fundraising event in which attendees place bids on items gathered by a charity. Silent auctions can be held on paper bid sheets, or through mobile bidding software. During a silent auction, bidders compete to win their treasured items against other bidders by having the highest bid amount when the […]

6 Ways to Create a Quality Event Landing Page

Looking for ways to better engage your donors? Having a quality event landing page is one of the key ways to keeping your donors engaged in your event while helping your organization raise funds for your cause.  Creating a quality event landing page provides you with the opportunity to send a single interactive page to […]

New & Improved ClickBid Training Hub

We are proud to announce our new ClickBid Training Hub.  Learn the software quickly and directly from our professional staff. We are so confident that you’ll benefit from our Training Hub that we’ll send you a Starbucks gift card for completing the training videos.  Watch training videos on the following courses: Getting Started Managing Your […]

How to Set Starting Prices and Bid Increments for Silent Auction Items

Pricing your silent auction items can be tricky and a big challenge for nonprofits. This process involves research and understanding your items’ value — and can be the difference between a successful auction or a bust. Let’s dive into the details!  Estimating Fair Market Value  Fair Market Value (FMV) refers to the price of an […]

ClickBid Partners with The Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation on New Documentary

Recently, ClickBid’s CEO and Founder, Matt Burnell partnered with the Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation to create a documentary titled Eloquent to help promote, create awareness, and raise funds for curing this illness. Check out the documentary trailer below.  We sat down with Matt Burnell to get his answers on what Cavernous Malformation is, what […]

4 Reasons Your Nonprofit Site Needs Event Landing Pages 

This post reviews four reasons why your nonprofit website should have event landing pages.

Picture this: A nonprofit supporter is scrolling through social media when they see a post advertising an upcoming event hosted by one of the organizations they follow. The event catches their eye and seems right up their alley, so they head to the nonprofit’s website for more information. But once there, they can’t find more […]