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Avoiding the Lure of DIY Mobile Bidding

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Redoing My Flooring is Easy. Right?

Avoiding DIY MistakesThis spring I took it upon myself to re-floor my upstairs with tongue and groove flooring. I thought this can’t be too hard  and after looking through Pinterest and seeing all the great looking lofts, I got busy cutting, fitting and hammering. About eight weeks later I learned why people are paid handsomely to re-furnish floors. I have yet to complete the trim and I never want to try and fit a piece of tongue and groove flooring under a door frame again. When it came time to re-do the main floor this summer, I paid a professional and it was done in a week flat. Truth be told, it looks much better than my upstairs.

I think my first mistake was browsing Pinterest and seeing all those incredible photos of refinished floors thinking I could make mine look that good. I don’t believe I have ever made anything look as good as a photo on Pinterest.

Secondly, I should have trusted a professional. At one point in my flooring experience I asked my father for help. He has built several homes and gave me valuable advice saving me from complete disaster. It’s not that I wouldn’t have finished the project. However, and this is the key, it never would have looked as good or as complete without his help.

I try to apply this same logic when thinking about our mobile bidding software. I have spent my entire career developing software and for me, learning something new in tech is enjoyable and rewarding. However, like me learning the tricks of fabricated flooring, it may not be the same experience for our customers. The stakes are even higher when you put your fundraising goals into how well you can leverage software on your own to reach them.

The Shift to Software-as-a-Service SaaS Products

Over the past two or three years we have seen a surge in what is called Software-as-a-Service or SaaS. This is software that you use online to accomplish tasks in your business and/or personal lives. SaaS is everywhere but popular examples include Gmail, QuickBooks, Facebook, Salesforce, Airbnb, and Netflix. One of the primary goals of SaaS is to provide a service that can be used anywhere you are through the web. Successful SasS companies also provide focused and simple solutions that can be picked up quickly and easily. Well, that’s the goal at least.

However, despite the best efforts of developers and product managers, software can be hard to use. On top of that, learning how to use it to accomplish your goals can also be difficult. In a personal setting it can be a nuisance but in a professional setting it can be devastating.

Finding Predictable Results

Circling back to my flooring example, we have seen the introduction of DIY mobile bidding solutions. Like my floors, DIY mobile bidding can be done but the outcomes are unpredictable and the toll it can take is high. In fact, you may get down the road a bit and give up due to fear of failure.

We know that mobile bidding will raise a higher level of donations because it is available everywhere that a guest wishes to bid. The limiting challenges of paper are removed and more bids means higher totals. But there are still risks. These risks can ultimately cost you significant strain and potentially lost funds due to user error and miscommunication from incomplete tutorials meant to replace a support member.

This is why we are starting to see SaaS companies adopt Managed Support  for their products. It provides professional support to assist you in accomplishing your goals. It can be a lifesaver especially within the mobile bidding industry. A lot rides on your event and having a professional watching your back can be critical.

However there’s a catch. Some companies can still offer DIY with the hopes of luring in a customer to a higher level of support and higher cost. At ClickBid we feel there should be support at every level. That’s why we do not offer a DIY event. Each of our events come with a named customer advisor who works with you from the time you sign up through your event. If you need more, then you can upgrade to a higher level of support. But, at any price, our team supports you on doing things right instead of doing things over or not at all. Afterall, we’re not talking about a composite floor that may end up crooked or need some touch ups. This is your event and your opportunity to raise significant sustaining dollars. And no matter how good it can look, DIY may just not be worth it.

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