The Best Mobile Bidding Experience

Silent auction software has continued to gain popularity as more organizations becoming acquainted with its vast benefits. With consumers facing a growing variety of mobile bidding options, it is important to evaluate the competition based on set criteria. Today, there’s more to consider than the technology. At ClickBid, we hold to the belief that there are three key traits that must be present before a mobile bidding service deserves your business.

Rooted in True Experience

TimelineA timeline of ClickBid’s history begins with its foundation in 2002 and is characterized by a commitment to constant improvement. We’re proud to say that each aspect of our story has chiseled us into the company we are today. Your charity organization deserves to be placed in the most capable of hands. And capability is a trait only achieved through time. Work with a company that has learned from its mistakes, honed its product, and understands its market. An organization can’t be expected to understand your charity’s needs if it’s still learning its own place in the industry. Our foundational experience has positioned ClickBid to serve each of its customers with a guarantee of expertise and quality.

Mobile Bidding That’s Dedicated to You

We understand that the end goal of silent auction software is to help deliver a great user experience and increase donations. Because of this, ClickBid wasn’t founded with the intention of becoming the next social media buzz or technology fad. Instead, we’ve committed ourselves to the basics. Our sole priority is to learn and serve the specific needs of our charities. An organization that places publicity and image above its customer base will always be short lived. ClickBid’s goal has remained unchanged from the start: be a necessary component to a successful mobile bidding experience.

Above and Beyond Mobile Bidding

Managed SupportOur relationships with charities are an essential piece to ClickBid’s branding. When preparing an event with ClickBid, we commit to providing our customers with the absolute best. Instead of assigning temporary staff, your event will be coordinated first hand by either an owner, a partner, or veteran sales staffers. This attitude has been maintained alongside ClickBid’s openness to customer feedback and awareness towards advancing our services. As such, constructive changes are applied immediately to ensure you reap the benefits as soon as possible. Our focus isn’t to design an infinite number of features, but ways to construct a better user experience.