ClickBid Release Notes – 5.3.1

Enhancements Appeal/Fund-A-Need/Paddle Raise entry via Butler was redesigned. There are now 2 entry methods with the expectation that only one will be used in conjunction with the Appeal Display. Add Appeal Donations – this page has an entry box for each denomination that has been configured as well as a custom amount field. The user can enter ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.3.0

Enhancements For all accounts using ClickBid Credit Processing, the billing zip code is now required when using a credit card. This includes putting a card on file, making an auction purchase, ticket page purchase, or online donation. Billing zip has also been added to the signup, account status and renew pages. When submitting a merchant report, the ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.2.0

Enhancements Purchase of a Fund-A-Need only event is now available. This includes all existing functionality in ClickBid except for the use of silent auction items. Live auction and donation items can be set up for use and all add ons are available for purchase with a FAN event. Rollout of 2018 pricing changes including: $795 US / $995 ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.1.010

Features For users of Stripe credit processing, it is now possible to set whether the proceeds should be sent to the merchant account in USD or CAD. The Welcome page was updated to be less verbose. Issues resolved Donor name was missing when logged in to the bidding site. Appeal item was not showing text entered in its description. Donation items ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.1

Enhancements New method of loading items on the main bidding page to improve performance in high volume situations. Issues Resolved Donation quantity items were not allowing purchases after any previous purchases were paid. KNOWN ISSUE: batch processing will still cause this condition. All other payment methods will still permit donation quantity items to be purchased as long as ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.0

Enhancements ClickBid Admin now has an onboard Merchant Report to reconcile ClickBid Credit Processing transactions with their corresponding merchant transaction. Requests for check or ACH payment can be made directly in ClickBid and refunds to credit cards can now be processed via the admin. A new and improved bidding interface has been developed’ to simplify bidding to a ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.19

Enhancements Manage Items has a new batch update option to set ‘Show Names in History’ to Yes or No. Issues Resolved On the View Ticket Sales page, when updating guest info, it was possible to leave the guest name fields blank and create a bidder record. From the bidding site, selecting the ‘Stats’ page after purchasing an ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.18

Enhancements Bambora has been added as a 3rd party credit processor for Canadian events. The bidder’s table number has been added to receipts, statements and the Items Won by Bidder report. Issues Resolved Items Won by Bidder report was showing incorrect data when filtered by cc on file. Leaderboard encrypted bidder was not in the same format as on the ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.17.005

Enhancements Having the outbid notice go away when the last silent item for the auction closes Sending a notice to Accounting’ when a PayPal transaction is voided in CB Support for ticket pages using Internet Explorer 10 & 11 Issues Resolved Getting a fatal error when trying to renew with a new credit card Getting the ‘Items won by bidder’ filter ...

ClickBid Release Notes 4.17

Enhancements Braintree has been added as a 3rd party credit processor and info added to the system regarding how ClickBid clients can sign up for their own Braintree merchant account.’  Use of their own Braintree account requires purchase of the 3rd Party credit processing option in ClickBid. When logged in to the bidding site, there will now ...

ClickBid Release Notes 4.16.010

Enhancements It was possible to use a browser work around to submit the Register to Bid page with no info entered, resulting in a blank bidder record with the next available bidder number and a signup thank you email being sent to the admin email address. The ‘Bids by Category’ section of the post event report ...

ClickBid Release Notes 4.16

Enhancements A ‘Scroll to top’ button (blue arrow up) was added to the bidding site browse pages. Reports >> No Bid Items has been upgraded to allow starting bids to be quickly changed. The desired reduction can be entered either as a percentage or straight dollar amount and all unbid items on the page will have ...

ClickBid Release Notes 4.15

Enhancements Apple Pay and PayPal were added as Digital Wallet  payment options for ClickBid Credit Processing on 3 pages: Ticket page Bidding site self-checkout Online Donations / Text to Give the order of entry fields was changed on this page to facilitate the new payment options. The In-Event Dashboard has been redesigned. It now launches in ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.14

Enhancements Stripe has been added as a 3rd party credit processor for US and Canada. Consignment items can now be tracked. This includes importing and exporting items, adding/editing items, post-event dashboard summary reporting and a Consignment Details report on the Reports menu. Ticket Sales for now includes the purchaser name as the cardholder for reporting in the ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.12

Enhancements ‘Hosted Fields’ has been implemented for and Moneris on all pages where credit cards are accepted. This means that the credit card fields are actually provided by the credit processors themselves and the data entered in these fields travels directly to processor servers. It is a completely outsourced credit processing solution and therefore ...

ClickBid Release Notes 4.9.1

Enhancements The ticket page will now prevent a $0 purchase unless a specific $0 discount code has been used. The discount code field will now also only be revealed if a quantity is selected for a ticket type with a discount code. Guest update page will now show meal info if meals are to be selected. The subject ...

ClickBid Release Notes 4.9.0

Enhancements Mobile checkout is now allowed at any time when a bidder has an item ready to check out. The ‘Checkout Now’ button will appear on all pages of the bidding site. Helpful walkthrough guides were added to the admin console. In the lower right you can now view walk-through tutorials on how to do common ...

ClickBid Release Notes 4.8.0

Enhancements Multiple ticket pages for a single account are now supported. These ticket pages are live and active as soon as they are created. It is up to the organization to decide how to advertise the pages and when to make the links available for supporters to use, as well as when to add guests as ...

ClickBid Release Notes 4.7.0

Enhancements Credit Card swipers will no longer be supported for ClickBid events. In general, we will encourage clients to encourage their bidders to use functions available to them to enter their own card number into ClickBid. We recommend the ‘Scan Credit Card’ feature (in iOS 8+ and some versions of Android) for using the device ...

ClickBid Release Notes 4.6.0

Enhancements BeanStream Credit Processing API was added for Canadian customers. When ‘max bidding’ is enabled, the button on the bidding page now says ‘BID/SET MAX’ so it is more clear that max bidding is available and that clicking the button is the start of the process to set a max bid. Manage Guests was updated to ...

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.5

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.5

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.3

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.3

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.2

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.2

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.1

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.1

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.0

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.0

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.4.0

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.5.0

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.3.1

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.3.1

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.3.0

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.3.0

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.2.1

Improvements and fixes for 4.2.1

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.2

Major Release for In-App Upgrades and Online Signup

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.1.305

ClickBid 4 Release Notes – 4.1.305

ClickBid Release Notes 4.1.3

ClickBid 4 Release Notes 4.1.3

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.1.2

ClickBid 4 Release Notes – 4.1.2

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.1.1

ClickBid 4 Release Notes – 4.1.1

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.1.0

ClickBid 4 Release Notes – 4.1.0