November 2017

A Small Change That Makes a Difference

Innovation isn’t always preceded by a loud announcement or followed with slots of airtime on the news. Sometimes it’s small changes, the ones that [...]

Infographic: Flat or Percentage Fee?

In business, trends come and go. Part of what makes a company great is their ability to discern which trends have value before leaping [...]

Support vs. Guidance: An Update

Support vs. Guidance: An Update
At ClickBid, we witness firsthand the amount planning and consideration our clients allocate to their events. With this level [...]

October 2017

Mobile Bidding and Date Integration

Silent Auction Software and Integration
Cash or coupon?

For most, cash would be the undisputed answer to that question. Yes, the $20 off coupon and [...]

ClickBid 5.0: Making Software Crazy Simple

As of late, it can feel like technology has become somewhat of a contradiction. Growing advancements should make our lives simpler, however, as the [...]

September 2017

ClickBid Integrates Silent Auction Software with Kindful

Since 2002, ClickBid has paved the way for a simpler and more efficient silent auction software. Today, this mantra remains equally important as it [...]

May 2017

Silent Auction Software and Integration

Companies like ClickBid hold a much greater responsibility than simply managing data. The reason is because today information is no longer something stagnant. We [...]

April 2017

The Challenges of Mobile Bidding – Infographic

Popular Mobile Bidding Challenges
While mobile bidding has become a new hit among tech aware non-profits, many (if not most) charity auctions still rely [...]

February 2017

ClickBid and NeonCRM Integrate Silent Auction Software

Since 2002, ClickBid has developed a simpler and more efficient path for silent auction software. And the commitment to this founding principle has remained [...]

“What is SaaS, Really?”

“What Is SaaS, Really?”
SaaS is an acronym that stands for Software as a Service.  To say that it’s been a buzzword over the [...]