Top 10 Strangest Auction Items – 2018

You may be in the throws of collecting auction items for your big event. Finding the right items can take time and finesse to get the right combination of items to appeal donors to your event. You may even be wondering where you’ll find your next great item. While you wait for the signed NFL […]

Mobile Bidding Training: Keep Your Foot on the Gas

With your event winding down, there’s no need to wind down your fundraising. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to gather your data from the event and use it strategically. In this article I’ve collected a few ways to use your data to further your fundraising. 1. Thank You Text Messages With your list of […]

Mobile Bidding Training: Ready for the Fund-A-Need

Running a successful Fund-A-Need or Raise-the-Paddle is about being ready, having a great auctioneer who can work with an audience, and setting a plan so details aren’t missed. In my experience through the years I have seen some very successful fund-a-need appeals. To be clear, I’m not a fan of trying to make your fund-a-need […]

A Small Change That Makes a Difference

Innovation isn’t always preceded by a loud announcement or followed with slots of airtime on the news. Sometimes it’s small changes, the ones that tip-toe quietly into our daily routines, that make the most difference. I’ve always been interested in technology and design, so I purposefully look for those little revisions that seem to be […]

Infographic: Flat or Percentage Fee?

In business, trends come and go. Part of what makes a company great is their ability to discern which trends have value before leaping to embrace them. One of our key beliefs at ClickBid is that simplicity and efficiency are the first benchmarks before any and every update we release. In today’s mobile bidding space, […]

Support vs. Guidance: An Update

Support vs. Guidance: An Update At ClickBid, we witness firsthand the amount planning and consideration our clients allocate to their events. With this level of dedication, you deserve to have your returns match the energy you apply. Our mobile bidding system’ assists in this process and behind this technology is a team of people ready to […]

Mobile Bidding and Data Integration

Silent Auction Software and Integration Cash or coupon? For most, cash would be the undisputed answer to that question. Yes, the $20 off coupon and a $20 bill deliver similar results at your favorite restaurant, but therein lies the problem. That paper cutout from a magazine or brochure has value. But unlike its federally printed […]

ClickBid 5.0: Making Software Crazy Simple

As of late, it can feel like technology has become somewhat of a contradiction. Growing advancements should make our lives simpler, however, as the variety of tools increases so does the need to separate the good from the bad. We’ve all experienced poor software that required more time than it saved. But at ClickBid, we […]

ClickBid Integrates Silent Auction Software with Kindful

Since 2002, ClickBid has paved the way for a simpler and more efficient silent auction software. Today, this mantra remains equally important as it was over a decade ago. ‘ The recent integration with Kindful has propelled’ the success of BidKit, ClickBid’s newest project, even farther than its initial start. This move will bridge the gap for […]

Silent Auction Software and Integration

Companies like ClickBid hold a much greater responsibility than simply managing data. The reason is because today information is no longer something stagnant. We expect software to not only store data safely, but also be able to share it efficiently. While data is king, transferability is vital to its representation. Today, the way in which […]