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Setup a Mock Auction

At ClickBid we want you to be fully prepared for mobile bidding. Chances are you have run paper auctions or even tried electronic auction software. In either case, we don’t want to make any assumptions about your mobile bidding comfort level.

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Smooth Sailing At Check In

First, since your auction is a mobile bidding auction, you should definitely let guests pre-register and therefore pre-check into the auction. Ideally, you want to know that they plan to attend and that you have a method of payment to make check out easier. Taking a cue from airlines, send out an email the night before the auction allowing guests to register and/or confirm their existing registration. Then, at the event, have a volunteer or two greet people and ask if they pre-registered. If so, they can keep walking and find that bar. This thins your crowd dramatically so there’s never a line.

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In the Footsteps of HDTV – Our Goal for Mobile Bidding

I remember the first time I heard about HDTV back in 1998 during a broadcasting class I took in college. The picture was amazing and the television was huge. It was a prototype being shown at the film department. It was amazingly sharp and we all knew the future of this technology was going to be incredible.

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Mobile Bidding – Perfect for Professional Sports

Managing the bidding for your paper-based fundraising event can be a time consuming task.’ Managing multiple events over an entire season can make the value unrealistic. But with mobile bidding, you are provided with a paperless way of managing your silent auctions for every game with one service.

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Mobile Bidding – On-site Support

I believe the sun is setting for on-site support in the same way iPods and Kindles have for bidding devices. Of the 200+ events we have done in the first half of 2015, less than 20% have had on-site support. We have even created a lite version of our software to accommodate those events that can run without our on-site presence.

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Knowing Our Place

Recently, I was asked to do an auction that was previously handled by a competitor. The organization interested in working with us came to us

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Redundancy & The Future of WiFi

Lately it seems that venues (hotels, golf clubs, conference centers) are realizing the potential profitability of up-charging for internet access when organizations run events. This

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