ClickBid 7.1 (sep-oct updates)

Enhancements “Click here to add a logo to your links” was removed from the ‘Text Bidders’ page The link to the training hub was highlighted. Reports >> Auction Overview and Dashboard >> Post Event>>Bidder Quick View were both updated to indicate that these sections do not include admin fees collected. Manage Guests and View Ticket […]

ClickBid 7.1 – Release Notes

Enhancements: ClickBid credit processing will now be available in Canada Receipts and Statements for Canadian accounts using ClickBid processing will show the merchant account holder as ClickBid Canada Inc and an address in Vancouver. Throughout the system we have updated state to state/province or listed only one of those correctly based on country. Zip has […]

ClickBid 7.0 – July 2019

Straight from our customer’s requests, ClickBid 7 is a culmination of what non-profits are asking for in charity auctions. Our support team collected requests and compiled a list of features and improvements to roll out in our latest release. We are so excited to add over 100 improvements to our existing suite of services. Below […]

ClickBid Release Notes – 6.4

Enhancements: The Signup page has been redesigned into new, more logical sections.  It now captures more organization information as well as giving the ability to select 1 or 3 year agreements and produces updated invoices and receipts based on the 1 vs 3 year selection.  When ClickBid processing is selected, new fields will be present […]

ClickBid Release Notes – 6.3

Enhancements Software Settings >> Connect to Archives, when viewing ‘Bidders’, the bidder’s statement is now available to see the purchases made based on the archived data.  The statement launches in a new browser tab and the browser print function can be used to print it or save it as a pdf. When purchasing tickets from […]

ClickBid Release Notes – 6.2

Enhancements: Added the ability for the admin user to archive their past event data and view the archived data.  The option to archive data will be presented when a new event is configured, and it can also be accessed any time from a new menu option, Software Settings >> Data Management. Data can only be […]

ClickBid Release Notes – 6.1.125

Enhancements Ticket page can now have tickets and types re-ordered using Custom CSS. Display cards updated to fit text within template spaces when descriptions and exceptions are long. Bidding site updated to re-size the header so that organization name, bidder name and card indicator fit more consistently. General cleanup on bidding application and Butler tool. […]

ClickBid Release Notes – 6.1.120

Enhancements Processing for Reli-Bid updated to modernized logic Register to bid Bidapp Edit user (when a password exists) Bidapp checkout Bidapp checkin Bidapp add a card Butler updating a bidder Butler checkout Batch checkout CSS change to help with allowing text to show up centered when it is centered in our landing page content edit […]

ClickBid Release Notes – 6.1

Enhancements Item Donor Thank You letters can now be generated from within the system. There are numerous mail merge codes and once the letters are generated, they can be individually edited before printing/saving to pdf. In Butler, it is now possible to assign a bidder number either by typing in the number or letting the […]

ClickBid Release Notes – 6.o

Enhancements We have added several Item Types to the system to accommodate more scenarios. Here is a list of all of our items types with a brief description of each: Live – this type is intended for live auction items sold by an auctioneer or emcee. Only positive bids are allowed (negative were allowed in […]