April 2017

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.17.005


Having the outbid notice go away when the last silent item for the auction closes
Sending a notice to Accounting when a PayPal [...]

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.17


Braintree has been added as a 3rd party credit processor and info added to the system regarding how ClickBid clients can sign up [...]

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.16.010


It was possible to use a browser work around to submit the Register to Bid page with no info entered, resulting in a [...]

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.16


A ‘Scroll to top’ button (blue arrow up) was added to the bidding site browse pages.
Reports >> No Bid Items has [...]

March 2017

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.15


Apple Pay and PayPal were added as “Digital Wallet” payment options for ClickBid Credit Processing on 3 pages:

Ticket page
Bidding site [...]

February 2017

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.14


Stripe has been added as a 3rd party credit processor for US and Canada.
Consignment items can now be tracked. This includes [...]

January 2017

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.12


‘Hosted Fields’ has been implemented for Authorize.net and Moneris on all pages where credit cards are accepted. This means that the credit card [...]

September 2016

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.9.1


The ticket page will now prevent a $0 purchase unless a specific $0 discount code has been used. The discount code field will [...]

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.9.0


Mobile checkout is now allowed at any time when a bidder has an item ready to check out. The ‘Checkout Now’ button will [...]

July 2016

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.8.0


Multiple ticket pages for a single account are now supported. These ticket pages are live and active as soon as they are created. [...]