Features/Bug Updates

Release 9.0.210405

This is the first in a series of Version 9 releases for 2021. This first release enhances ClickBid’s messaging capabilities with browser-based Push Notifications and

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Release BidKit 2.3.210402

Enhancements: We have migrated our NeonCRM Integration from BidKit 1 to BidKit 2. NeonCRM users currently using BidKit 1 can continue to use BidKit 1 through

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Release Bidkit 2.2.210329

Enhancements: TravelPledge: The Re-Sync Button was removed for items with sent sales data or after the event has closed. The ability to handle multiple TravelPledge Events

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8.5.210317 Released

Enhancement: “On-Call Support Date” verbiage has been updated to “Phone Support Date” in the following locations of the admin:  Welcome page>Important dates Dashboard>Event Readiness>Important Dates Software

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8.5.210222 Released

Enhancements: EventStream – Here is a link to a video showing the EventStream enhancements:  https://youtu.be/S6TgVV5RRvo EventStream Manager: You can now conduct your fund-a-need/paddle raise without

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8.4.210210 Release

Enhancements: Merchant Account: Monthly payouts are now shown with the day of the month when the payout will take place.  Best Practice: When you open

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8.4.210127 Released

Enhancements: Software Settings>Landing Page Content>Sections A-D>Content Area: When adding images (including logos) to the Content area via the insert image icon, the images will now

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8.4.210114 Released

Enhancements: Updated and added new filters to Mass Messaging. Bidders>Text/Email Bidders. Filter: Bidders Not Checked Out is now: Bidders Not Checked Out (Silent, Quantity, Raffle, Live,

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8.4.1216 Released

Enhancements: Items > Manage Categories has been renamed to Categories and Ordering.  At the top of this page there is now a drop down menu

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