ClickBid Release Notes 4.9.1

Enhancements The ticket page will now prevent a $0 purchase unless a specific $0 discount code has been used. The discount code field will now also only be revealed if a quantity is selected for a ticket type with a discount code. Guest update page will now show meal info if meals are to be […]

ClickBid Release Notes 4.9.0

Enhancements Mobile checkout is now allowed at any time when a bidder has an item ready to check out. The ‘Checkout Now’ button will appear on all pages of the bidding site. Helpful walkthrough guides were added to the admin console. In the lower right you can now view walk-through tutorials on how to do […]

ClickBid Release Notes 4.8.0

Enhancements Multiple ticket pages for a single account are now supported. These ticket pages are live and active as soon as they are created. It is up to the organization to decide how to advertise the pages and when to make the links available for supporters to use, as well as when to add guests […]

ClickBid Release Notes 4.7.0

Enhancements Credit Card swipers will no longer be supported for ClickBid events. In general, we will encourage clients to encourage their bidders to use functions available to them to enter their own card number into ClickBid. We recommend the ‘Scan Credit Card’ feature (in iOS 8+ and some versions of Android) for using the device […]

ClickBid Release Notes 4.6.0

Enhancements BeanStream Credit Processing API was added for Canadian customers. When ‘max bidding’ is enabled, the button on the bidding page now says ‘BID/SET MAX’ so it is more clear that max bidding is available and that clicking the button is the start of the process to set a max bid. Manage Guests was updated […]