ClickBid 10.3.220922 Release

Enhancements: Butler>Appeal add donations: In the Custom Amount field, when a custom donation amount has been paid, the box will turn grey and the ‘X’ delete button will be removed. Issues Resolved: Butler> Bidder Lookup: If the admin is connected to the Salesforce CRM, links to bidder records are once again working. Auction Settings>Butler Settings […]

ClickBid 10.3.220913 Release

Enhancements Mass Messaging> Text Bidders: SHAFT filtering (sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, tobacco) has been added to text messaging to ensure compliance with wireless carrier policies for shortcode messaging (i.e. 56651). If a word is on the list of ‘inappropriate’ words it will be masked in a text, i.e. “wine” will be “w**e”. Data Management: Verbiage […]

ClickBid 10.3.220824 Release

Enhancements: Bidder Login Code Modification: The one-time login code will remain the same code for up to 5 minutes after being created.  If the ‘Need a New Code’ button is clicked, then a new code will be sent. EventStream>Live Broadcast: The Web Browser feature had some updates. When opening the Live Broadcast the section for […]

ClickBid 10.3.220816 Release

Enhancements: Text Messaging: The ‘Reply Yes’ text message will no longer be sent to confirm consent. Users will no longer have to reply Yes via text to receive messages. Admin>Login: When logging in with Keyword/Password there is now a popup to create a User Profile. Coming June 2023, the only way to log in to […]

ClickBid 10.3.220811 Release

Enhancements: Manage Items: The “Display as Priceless” checkbox will default to unchecked when adding new items. The Market Value field will be left blank if no FMV is entered and the “Display as Priceless” box will not be automatically checked. If there is no Market Value set in the item, the bidding site/auction preview/display cards/Item […]

ClickBid 10.2.220727 Release

Enhancements: Ticket Page QR Code is located under Ticket Page Settings Bidding Site Self-Registration updates for Opt in Text message Changed ‘send me optional text messages? Yes O | No O’ to ‘Send me text messages about this event? Yes O | No O Bolded the ‘Send me text messages about this event? Yes O | No O […]

ClickBid 10.2.220713 Release

Enhancements: Text Messages> Updated the consent message format to show the ‘Reply YES’ first. Please note if someone unsubscribed to receiving messages from 56651 or 855.800.4975 they will not receive this message. Bidding Site > Login Code page: Verbiage was updated on this page to adjust based on whether the phone number used to log […]

ClickBid 10.2.220628 Release

Enhancements: Event Central: The Appeal Display tab has been removed. To use the ‘Appeal Display’ for donation items,  go to Manage Items and use the share link located under the item’s Projected Display Settings. Butler: Appeal Display related changes In the ‘Appeal/Raise the paddle section’ the ‘rapid fire’ was removed as a separate section/buttons. Added […]

ClickBid 10.2.220623 Release

Enhancements: Text message compliance updates: to attempt to be more compliant with Wireless Carrier anti-spam requirements, an Opt-in process for text messaging has been added. When the system is attempting to send a message to a bidder and the bidder is not currently subscribed or was asked for consent more than 60 days prior, this […]

ClickBid 10.2.220615 Release

Enhancements: Guest Update Page for Ticket Sales Verbiage updates to the guest update Combined “Guest Update” and “List for” into one line. Removed: ‘Your record updates automatically. To view final changes, refresh this page when done editing’ A save button has been added instead of auto updates. This image shows the verbiage if the ticket […]