8.4.1216 Released

Enhancements: Items > Manage Categories has been renamed to Categories and Ordering.  At the top of this page there is now a drop down menu to choose between ordering items on the bidding site either “By Category First, Then Item Number” or “By Item Number”. If you choose item number, then category order is ignored […]

8.4.1207 Released

Enhancements: Landing Page Content > Page Settings: it is now possible to customize the title of ‘Auction Preview’ using a text box next to the box where you indicate where it should appear on the landing page. BidKit Payments Merchant Report – this page is now using our newly populated data table that will permanently […]

8.3.1125 Released

Feature Updates 10/09/2020 – 11/25/2020 In the Archives admin (Software Settings > Connect to Archives), on the Donations page, you can now generate a receipt (assuming the data is available). The icon is the same as we use for Bidder and Ticket Purchase receipts in the archives. On Donations/Text to Give > Settings, you can […]

8.2.1009 released

Issues Resolved: Event Tickets > Modify Tickets ‘complete and go back’ button should once again be working in all scenarios. It is true that sometimes you have to click it twice for it to respond, if you have not already clicked out of the last field that you modified.

8.2.1008 released

Issues addressed: 1. Launching the appeal display from the admin once again keeps the admin session logged in.

8.2.1006 released

Enhancements: 1. Three are three new appeal display background settings that are available on the Manage Items and Appeal Display pages. 2. For BidKit Payments Merchant Account page, you now create a one time use link to update account information. This link can be sent to anyone who needs to update the information and they […]

8.2.1002 released

Enhancements: 1. EventStream Live Broadcast page went through some formatting changes to try to make it easier to understand the different ways that someone can broadcast and the info they need. Links to the latest Millicast version of OBS for WebRTC streaming have been added. 2. EventStream Butler Manage your EventStream page now allows Editing […]

8.2.0929 released

Enhancements: 1. Accounts can now be configured to allow a Quantity item to be charged to the bidder’s card on file automatically when they purchase the item on the bidding site. a. There is a ‘yes/no’ option for this on Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payments “Charge CC at time Quantity bid is placed?”. […]

8.2.0922 released

Enhancements: 1. For EventStream accounts, in Butler there is now a ‘Launch Confidence Display’ button next to the ‘Manage Your EventStream’ button. This new page is a real time display of what is happening with the live auction and donations being conducted on the ‘Manage Your EventStream’ page. This display only page is intended for […]

8.2.0921 released

Enhancements: 1. For accounts using BidKit Payments, the Merchant Account page now hides a portion of the account and routing number. If they are to be updated, you have to enter both new numbers completely, even if one of them is not changing (like entering a new account number with the same routing number). There’s […]