8.1.0807 released

Enhancements: 1. The bidding site bidder self-registration page will now accept email formats with ‘top level domains’ of 2 to 10 characters. For example, .co, .com, .edu, and .org were all accepted before, but now .realtor or .charity are also accepted.

8.1.0804 released

Enhancements: 1. Account Status ‘Step 2’ purchase instructions now say to “click Process Changes and Finish” instead of “click update”. 2. Manage Items batch update now says “Raise” to stay consistent with the column above. Issues Addressed: 1. Landing Page content text edit boxes once again save a font size change the first time the […]

8.1.0731 released

Enhancements: 1. There is now a Training Hub menu option on the Training menu to take you to the Training Hub 2. Manage Items, a Live item must now have no bids to be able to set ‘Allow live bids’ to Yes. 3. Live Broadcast page now includes a link to launch the Butler EventStream […]

8.1.0727 released

Enhancements: 1. You can now set up and purchase individual tickets, sponsorships and underwriting to be $0 with *NO discount code*. There is a popup when adding an individual ticket with a $0 dollar amount to ensure that this is intended. 2. For accounts using BidKit Payments and in a status where the ‘Action Required’ […]

8.0.0702 released

Enhancements: 1. You can now embed a Facebook Live stream on the landing page using the shortcode drop down. The “Using Shortcodes on your Landing Page” best practice has been updated to reflect this. Note that you should not have double quotes around your URL and you have to set the broadcast to public for […]

8.0.0622 released

Enhancements: 1. The Butler EventStream page now allows for a Floor Bid to be placed without entering a bid number. The first time this happens, a bidder number 474747 is created and the bid is assigned to that bidder number. Any other times the Floor Bid ‘Submit’ button is clicked without entering a bid number […]

8.0.0619 released

Enhancements: 1. On Landing Page Content, the content block edit box control panel (fonts, alignment, insert images, etc) was updated to its latest version.

8.0.0618 released

Enhancements: 1. The Butler EventStream page now has a ‘bidder counter’ that monitors how many bidders are viewing the live stream. This number is updated once every minute. If a given bidder is logged in and streaming on more than one device, it will only show as one on the counter. If the bidder was […]

8.0.0612 released

Issues addressed: 1. Archive and item deletion now ensure that images are deleted as well when an item is archive and not kept or when deleted. 2. Manage Donations CSV export once again includes the email address. 3. Welcome page in the admin and the In-Event Dashboard are once again showing accurate totals for Live […]

8.0.0611 released

Issues addressed: 1. If a landing page has the donation form embedded, the landing page is no longer scrolling to that section of the page automatically. 2. With EventStream licensed, If live items are archived and kept from a previous event, they no longer show up as sold items on the Butler EventStream page. 3. […]