Procure Items For Your Online Auction: A Step-by-Step Guide

Procuring auction items for your ClickBid auction seems daunting. Cold-call every business in town to ask for donations? No fun. Perhaps there’s a better way…and there is. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get fabulous items for your online auction. Step 1: Create your list of targets Focus on the “Who” Rather than focusing […]

4 Reasons Your Nonprofit Site Needs Event Landing Pages 

This post reviews four reasons why your nonprofit website should have event landing pages.

Picture this: A nonprofit supporter is scrolling through social media when they see a post advertising an upcoming event hosted by one of the organizations they follow. The event catches their eye and seems right up their alley, so they head to the nonprofit’s website for more information. But once there, they can’t find more […]

6 Easy Community Fundraising Ideas for Your Charity

Planning, promoting, and running a fundraiser is hard work! With the amount of resources, time, and focus it takes to plan a major fundraiser, it makes sense that many charities may hesitate to add a new initiative to their calendar. But fortunately, there are fundraising ideas out there that even busy nonprofit teams can put […]

How to Leverage Donor Data to Maximize Your Relationships

As we move through the 2022 fundraising season, many nonprofits have continued their experiments with hybrid and virtual fundraisers. However, how can you be sure that these events are actually making a difference in your donor relationships? Your data is the answer and can effectively take these relationships to the next level.  Building valuable relationships […]

Capital Campaigns 101: How to Get a Strong Start

Let’s start by defining a “campaign.” A campaign is a fundraising effort over a defined period of time for a set purpose. Campaigns are great ways to get your staff, board, volunteers, and constituents to think big about your mission. They’re great rallying points that can engage more volunteers than you ever had before. They’re […]

Promoting Events via Email: 3 Fundamental Tech Strategies

Feathr_Clickbid_Promoting Events via Email 3 Fundamental Tech Strategies

Nonprofit events come in all shapes and sizes, from lavish galas to casual gatherings, online auctions to 5k marathons. But there’s one constant between all events your nonprofit might host—they rely on attendance to succeed. Without attendees, your events won’t have the desired impact, whether that’s revenue generation through registrations and sponsorships or simply raised […]

Creating an Event Microsite? 5 Tips for Success


As a nonprofit marketing professional, you know that proper advertising is critical to the success of your organization’s events. You probably use a combination of social media, email, direct mail, flyers, and other online and offline marketing techniques to raise awareness and sign-ups.  But there may come a time when you feel you’ve exhausted those […]

Nonprofit Image: Branding, Storytelling, and More


If you think of some of the largest nonprofit organizations across the world, you probably have a fairly clear mental image of each. For example, with the World Wildlife Fund, you might think of its iconic panda bear logo. For Susan G. Komen, you likely think of the pink ribbon that represents breast cancer awareness […]

5 Strategies for Modernizing Your Event Marketing Approach

AccuData_ClickBid_5 Strategies for Modernizing Your Event Marketing Approach_Feature

For many years, nonprofit event marketing was relatively simple and unchanging. Event planners would design posters, flyers, emails, and other mass marketing content and send these materials out to a wide audience, hoping they would be enough to encourage individuals to attend. But nowadays, event marketing isn’t so straightforward. Even before the global pandemic hit, […]