If you notice a credit card transaction on your statement that starts with CBO Michigan, CBO or CBO*, we are happy to explain the charge. CBO stands for ClickBid Online. ClickBid is a service provider for non-profit fundraising. We help charities across the world sell tickets, run silent auctions, sell raffle tickets and accept donations online. If you see this transaction then it means you attended a fundraiser or made a donation online to a charity that uses our services.

Technically speaking, these names on your statement are called descriptors. Descriptors are what merchants use to try and help define a transaction so consumers are aware of all charges. ClickBid uses the latest resources to try and minimize confusion. However, there are times when a descriptor length is too short to fully explain the charge.


When you use our platform through your charity, we do our best to send a receipt to your email address. However, there are times when email is caught up in spam or we didn’t have a valid address. We are happy to provide you with a valid receipt of your purchase. You can contact us anytime.


We ask that if you wish to dispute a charge that starts with CBO* Michigan, please contact our offices at the number below. We will help explain the charge and what charity it is for. At that point, we can refund any amount you feel was inaccurate and contact the charity for reimbursement. If you dispute the charge with your credit card company, it will take longer to settle and will likely require more work on your end to avoid an erroneous dispute.


Please contact our offices during business hours (9am-5pm EST) at (800) 513-5097 extension 2. Our team is happy to discuss your transactions. Also, if you remember which charity this may have been, feel free to contact them and ask for a statement. They will also be willing and able to provide one.