Charity Auction Software: A Piece to the Puzzle

At ClickBid, we’ve experienced first-hand the amount of time required for an event. Catering, venue, decorations and even the time of day all act as consuming variables on their own. Because of this, the last thing we want is for your software to feel as if it’s just another item to juggle. We’ve fine-tuned our charity auction software to improve your donations without compromising on the means used to reach this goal.

The Cost Effective Solution

Mobile Bidding ApplicationSince 2002, ClickBid has kept its ears to the ground for what the market wants. Our vision began with a commitment to design effective charity auction software for what was intended to be a single non-profit event. We began with the sole focus of creating a product that filled a need and maintaining that is what’s been most important to us. It’s a balancing act. We’ve sought to provide the features necessary to success, but at the same time aimed to consolidate that list in order to be more efficient.

This strategy is what has polished ClickBid’s title as one of the most cost-effective options available. By not stacking on unnecessary features we’ve kept expenses low and remained purposeful in our actions.

A User-Friendly Charity Auction Software

One of the largest differences between ClickBid and its competitors is our features. On one hand, we’ve worked to provide you with more features for your money, but on the other, we’ve maintained a list that is clean and concise. We understand that even the most extensive technology is rendered useless if it’s difficult and time-consuming to use. Consider programs like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, or Facebook Advertising. These are examples of software with such depth that you often need a consultant to manage it. Your charity auction software is one area where you should never have that problem.

Confusing FlowchartWith many organizations only using their charity auction software once or twice a year, it should be something they look forward to instead of dread. One trait that has separated ClickBid from the competition is that we’ve kept your user experience as the focus. We believe that you deserve a charity auction software that aids your event instead of takes from it.