ClickBid 10.1.220127 Release


  1. Login: Added the ability to choose where to send the one-time login code if they don’t receive it the first time.
    How it looks now before you click ‘Need a New Code?’

    New Code one

    Once the ‘Need a New Code’ is clicked, it reveals the email(s)/phone(s) in the bidder record. This example is for one phone/one email

    New Code 2

    If they have more than one phone/email they all will show:

    new code 3

  2. Software Settings > Auction Settings > FMV Settings: updated the verbiage as seen in the image below
    FMV Settings
  3. Dashboard > In Event: Text-To-Give/Online Donations a field for Donated (unpaid) and Donations Total (paid & unpaid)
    In Event
  4. Email receipts – logo and custom header sections updated the image height limits.
  5. Login page, above terms, added the contact information that is located in Account Settings.
    Contact Information

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