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ClickBid 9.2.210816 Release

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  1. View Ticket Sales: There is now a Unique Guest Link and a copy button.  You can now copy the guest update link and send in a personalized email.
    • Click on the “i” icon
    • The Unique Guest Link & Copy button are located under details. A new link will be generated each time a purchase is loaded on the page, but each link that has been generated in the past will continue to work for 180 days after it was initially generated.
  2. Email/Text Bidders: A Link was added to the Mass Messaging best practice


Issues Resolved:

  1. Resend Guest Link is once again showing on the View Ticket Sales page if an admin user changes the name of a Sponsorship after a purchase of that Sponsorship has been made.
  2. If 2 admins are open and both try to batch process credit cards for checkout, only one batch will go through.
  3. Manage Items: If a Fair Market Value is entered as 50.00, the .00 now can be updated from the grid view and the edit item page.
  4. Manage items: When deleting an item from the batch update, the images are being removed from Manage All items.
  5. Manage Your Eventstream: When accessing butler directly via it’s cbo.io/butler URL (not launching it from the admin), when taking control of the EventStream page, control is now maintained instead of being lost.
  6. On the Bidding Site: The social media & item share buttons are now showing for donation items.

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