ClickBid Credit Card Processing

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Over the years clients have asked about whether or not ClickBid accepts credit cards. The quick answer is YES, we do. We can easily tie your account into a PayPal account or if your bank uses the popular Authorize.net service. We also have begun working with a new processor called PayLeap. But before you jump on board the instant gratification of payment processing there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, it’s our experience that non-profits have gotten quite comfortable with card swipers and phone lines at events. This is a great solution because it allows guests to first checkout and get their item receipts through ClickBid and then, if they are paying with credit card move on to a designated volunteer who processes the cards. When we have seen this work, it seems to make guests happy knowing that a single person or two are handling all the credit cards instead of potentially numerous volunteers. We say, if that works and has worked then there’s no sense in changing it.

Second, we prefer to run any transaction whether it be online or via phone jack, through your organization. That is to say that we would use your PayPal account or Authorize.net account. ClickBid doesn’t handle any money transactions similar to what other companies like PayPal and Square.com do (acting like a bank account that you can withdraw from after the event). We prefer this because ClickBid is a for profit organization and our transaction fees will always be higher than what you can get as a registered 501(c)(3). Secondly, your money is better by established payment systems like PayPal, Authorize.net or PayLeap.

For our customers who do prefer that one-stop checkout, we can make the process smooth and accurate by helping you setup your merchant account, testing it and using it for your event.

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