ClickBid Release Notes 4.15


  • Apple Pay and PayPal were added as Digital Wallet  payment options for ClickBid Credit Processing on 3 pages:
    • Ticket page
    • Bidding site self-checkout
    • Online Donations / Text to Give the order of entry fields was changed on this page to facilitate the new payment options.
  • The In-Event Dashboard has been redesigned. It now launches in its own browser tab and refreshes itself automatically.
  • Text messages that are returned as undeliverable to our 56651 shortcode number will automatically be retried using one of our 10 digit texting numbers.
  • Software Settings >> Auction Event >> Payments and Goals now requires all credit card processor credential fields to either have a value or the processor will be de-selected.
  • Table name is now included in the CSV file produced from Post Event >> Event Sales to provide sales data by table.
  • The Administrator email is now visible and can be edited during the renewal process.
  • Post Event >> Event Payments now shows for each bidder who has a checked To Be Processed, whether that bidder has an email or phone on file.
  • Post Event >> Event Payments now provides a summary of the number of bidders To Be Processed who have an email or phone on file, and a link to send a payment request email or text to those bidders.
  • Software Settings >> Auction Event removed the Notes section under Custom Content
  • Bidding Site, login confirmation page (when no password) no longer defaults the Terms & Conditions  title when content is provided in the Terms and Conditions section.
  • Text Bidders now has the pre-composed section available to edit the messages directly on this page.
  • The Software Settings >> Manage Images menu option is now called Manage All Images
  • The Items >> Manage Categories page now allows for batch deleting categories.
  • The Items >> View & Upload Images menu option is now called Manage Item Images.
  • Post Event >> Event Sales now includes closing time to differentiate between sales at a primary event versus sales at a 2nd chance auction.

Issues Resolved

  • Converting large numbers of ticket page guests to bidders was encountering an issue preventing the bidders from being created.
  • The account status page had an issue with validating the next event date in some scenarios.
  • Use of browser ‘sessions’ was causing an issue of switching admin accounts if a ticket page or bidding site was loaded after the admin was loaded.
  • The ‘homepage’ url field was causing a hyperlink formatting issue on ticket pages.
  • Copying a ticket form too many times could result in an error.
  • The Copy & CSV buttons on Manage Items were not displaying in some browsers.


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