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ClickBid Release Notes – 4.3.0

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New Features/Updates in this release:

  1. Added a Donate Now button to the bidding site login page. This option can be turned on or off within the admin. This will be an option for our international clients that cannot use our 56651 number or anyone who wants to offer mobile donations without a bidder number. Can be used at any time including during events but it is not tied to the appeal item. ClickBid and Authorize.net/Diamond Mind processing supported. Moneris expected next release.
  2. Added the ability to purchase add-on features (adviser, messaging, tickets, api, bidders/items) at the time of signup on the public site.
  3. Added Date and Invoice number to invoices generated from within ClickBid.
  4. For the ticket sales page, added a browser check for Internet Explorer browsers. Unsupported browsers (less than IE 10) will now be redirected to an upgrade page.
  5. Added a Manage Guests page to the admin Event Tickets menu. Admins will be able to view the full guest list, and change guest information. They can also assign table numbers and auto assign bidder numbers, either individually or as a bulk update. Bulk update of company is also available.
  6. We are now sending an email with a link to allow ticket purchasers (or their guests) to update their guest information. This email is only sent if the purchaser has guests that would need to be updated (i.e. not if they only buy something that does not come with tickets). If a guest has had a bidder number assigned from within ClickBid, this guest update page will also update the bidder record.
  7. Added to the View Ticket Sales page the ability to resend the email with the link to update guest information (button with chain link icon).
  8. Renew page now validates Credit Card information if there was no Credit Card on file.
  9. Simplified the sign up form by only gathering essential information at the time of sign up (removed address fields).
  10. The appeal display can now enable/disable sponsor logos from displaying.

Issues Fixed

  1. Fixed a few typo’s within the system.
  2. During renewal with an invoice sales code, add-ons were not included on the invoice.
  3. Butler bidder lookup detail page ‘complete’ button – expanded tap response area to the full visible button area.

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