Custom Landing Pages For Your Mobile Bidding Auction

What exactly is an event landing page, and how can it help you raise more for your cause? Well, in short, your fully custom landing page is a web page that lets you promote your event and sponsors. On your event landing page, you can include more information about your cause, links to your social media accounts so your guests can fully interact with you and your team. Your guests can also preview your auction items before the bidding starts to help raise interest before the auction. Another amazing feature of our landing pages is the ability to collect donations before your event starts. This feature can help you raise a large portion of your event’s goal before it even begins!

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Pre-Event Ticket Sales

Selling tickets to your silent auction gala? ClickBid provides an add-on to your initial event license that allows you to sell tickets, sponsorships, underwriting and accept donations securely and easily as well as promote your event before, during and after.

Landing and Ticket Pages

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In addition to our Annual Landing Page, your ticket page is customizable to allow many unique types of ticket options, underwriting, table sponsorships and more.

Each ticket purchase allows for meal choice selection, guest names, and special notes. Our PCI compliant payment processor and integrations allow you to safely transact credit payments. Even more, all your ticket and guest data is stored in your ClickBid admin for easy access and conversion into bidder accounts.

Make your Mobile Auction a Success With ClickBid’s Pre-Event Ticket Sales and Custom Landing Pages

What’s more, we help you gather guest data from all your purchases. When a guest buys more than one ticket for a group of people, we send a follow-up email with a custom link to the purchase (which they can send to their guests to get more details). We know getting a total count, meal count and table assignments can be difficult. Let ClickBid take the stress away and put it all in one place for you. And once you purchase the ticket and landing page add-on it’s yours for the whole year. Add more ticket pages for other events that may not even have a silent auction.

Need a way to promote your event details, sponsors, updates, tweets? ClickBid offers an add-on for landing web pages.

Ticket and Landing PageIn addition to our fully featured ticket pages, our landing page allows you to easily build and promote your event. Set up your landing page quickly and easily, right from your admin account. From there, you have full control to add/edit content all year long. What does that mean? Most charities miss the opportunity to build nostalgia and excitement for next year by adding to their landing page AFTER the event. Event photos, summaries on monies raised, sponsorship promotion, etc are all available following the event. Keep the energy alive by linking photos, Twitter and Facebook feeds and more to your ongoing landing page.

Promote Your Event the Right Way With ClickBid’s Advanced Mobile Auction Software and Landing Pages!