The Difference of Silent Auction Software

AcronEven longtime supporters of silent auction software can find it difficult to grasp the terms used interchangeably within the space. It begins with references to donor management systems and ends with acronyms such as CRM and CMS. This all prompts the question: What’s the difference? It’s important to understand the purpose of silent auction software alongside its counterparts. Allowing these programs to compliment each other is how you maximize their reward.

They’re Both Useful

Planning an event brings multiple moving pieces to the table. The venue, catering, ticket sales, and landing page all orbit around your main desire: to progress existing donors as well as create ties with new clients. This process is best handled within a donor management software. Client information is uploaded to the program before or after the event and used on a daily basis.

This stands in contrast to your silent auction software, which will be used far less frequently. They both share the goal of growing your donor base, but they do so in different ways. Think of donor management software as your everyday car, while silent auction software is the sports car. Having one isn’t a reason to rid yourself of the other because they’re used for different occasions.

Integrating Silent Auction Software

Integration with SalesforceWhat does this mean? We’ve never held to the belief that you should replace mobile bidding software with your donor management system or vice versa. Neither of these programs were designed with the intention to replace the other, but instead with the mindset to compliment one another. Where we believe ClickBid has stepped in is by bridging the gap between these two programs in order to maximize your efficiency. Our silent auction software purposefully integrates with the major donor management tools such as Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge, eTapestry, Kindful, Greater Giving, etc.

You will be able to seamlessly transition information from your donor management system to ClickBid as well as send the information back once you’re finished. This cuts out the time-consuming process of downloading and formatting files only to reupload and reformat. This simplified back and forth reflects ClickBid’s overarching desire to deliver an easier software experience.