Giving Tuesday is Coming. Get Ready for it!

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Giving Tuesday

Last year I wrote about how, as users of ClickBid, you have free fundraising tools at your disposal all year. Donors can give from your custom donation page and via text-to-give.

This year I thought I’d do something a little different. I thought I would use my own product, ClickBid, to help raise funds for a non-profit that I helped start. The non-profit (GoLou) helps families of Autism or other limiting conditions build a network of trusted drivers to provide valuable transportation that is safe. To document this experience and to show how I used ClickBid, I have recorded my experience. Watch the videos below to follow along and I’ll post more as I go through my fundraising experience.

Episode 3 – 10/22/19

Episode 2 – 10/04/19

Episode 1 – 10/03/19

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