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ClickBid is proud to partner with Jason Lamoreaux of Lamoreaux Auction & Appraisal LLC. He is a professional and excellent resource for charity auction services.

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Jason Lamoreaux - Professional AuctioneerJason Lamoreaux of Lamoreaux Auction & Appraisal LLC has over twenty-five years of experience in the auction business, having led his first auction at age fifteen. Since then, he has conducted hundreds of auctions from coast to coast and cultivated enduring partnerships with organizations, large and small.

Charity and benefit auctions are Jason’s focus. These events allow him to dedicate his high energy, auction talent, and charismatic personality to worthwhile causes. Year after year, he welcomes back returning customers who continually meet – and often surpass – their event’s goals. Jason has had tremendous success incorporating a Paddle Raise, Fund-A-Cure or Fund-A-Need into an auction event, transforming the giving opportunity into a major fundraising catalyst for the program.

Jason attended the Missouri Auction School while still in high school and then earned both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Business Administration. He is a member of the National Auctioneers Association as well as the Michigan Auctioneers Association, for which he was named the 2011 Auctioneer Champion. Jason is the founder and managing member of Lamoreaux Auction & Appraisal LLC.

During his leisure time, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife, Maura, and daughter, Shea. He is active in several organizations within his own community and supports an active lifestyle. He has completed eight marathons, including the Boston Marathon.

Lamoreaux Auction Benefit Services

Our organization is dedicated to supporting non-profit agencies and charitable causes reach their fundraising goals. Our team provides pre-event consulting and professional auctioneers to support your event. We serve groups of all sizes in their efforts to achieve financial success.