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Maximizing Online Donations and Text to Give Year Round

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Story Highlights:
-Online donations must be supported with clear and specific needs.
-Help your donors visualize your organization’s progress and the impact of their contribution.
I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase, The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  First said by the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, the quote has stumbled into countless Hollywood blockbusters and inspirational posters. And yet, even despite its now cliché reputation, it truly poses a principle for consideration. Don’t be afraid to break things down. A big picture is important, but you’ll find that it’s difficult to motivate others towards that goal without taking it one step at a time. This couldn’t be truer than in the realm of online donations and your organization’s presence on the Internet. Don’t box in mobile bidding software and text to give opportunities so that they’re only being used at your events. Today, there are more than a few ways to grow your online donations year round.

Maintain and Grow Awareness

Text to GiveText to give isn’t a new technology, but it’s one that many organizations still aren’t using to its full potential. What this means is that it remains an excellent tool to separate your organization from the rest and place yourself on the cutting edge of what’s out there. Very simply, text to give is exactly what it sounds like, the ability for a donor to send a donation by text. At ClickBid we’ve ensured that the process itself clings to the simplicity of the idea. Donors will text a short code name to a number (566-51), provide the amount they’d like to donate, and then fulfill payment online through a secure, PCI compliant gateway.

In a fast paced world, relying solely on traditional and often more time-consuming processes for donations can stifle enthusiasm. Using text to give technology ensures that your donors are always able to give through a quick and user-friendly system.

Text to GiveThe first step towards maximizing text to give and growing your online donations is by taking the time to promote it. Start first with your Internet presence. ClickBid allows you to easily incorporate a text to give page on your website, event landing page, as well as on social media. Additionally, make sure you’re informing guests at your events of these mobile bidding opportunities. Remind them that winning an auction item isn’t the only way to support, but that they can also give through their phone. Lastly, we’ve also seen great success by placing a link to your online giving page as your email footer. Closing your messages professionally with a link to your website and a quick piece of information on how to give, adheres to the set it and forget it  method. It allows you to ensure that your donors are aware of the options and have what’s necessary to act whenever they should desire.

How to Pitch With a Purpose

The key to growing your online donations is by staying updated and specific in your content. Whether it’s in a Facebook post, a page on your website, or an announcement you’re making to the crowd at your event, always make your donation pitches clean and specific. Mobile bidding has the potential to keep your charity auctions and efforts connected between events, but you still have to provide your donors with something to grab onto. Instead of posting that you’re raising funds for a building project, start by picking a specific aspect of that project. For example, stating that you need to repair your roof is a need that donors can visualize and relate with.

This strategy of breaking projects down into smaller pieces opens up a door for you to clearly highlight online donation opportunities year round. I’ll return to the building project example to illustrate how this is accomplished. If you give your donors a large and abstract donation need straight from the get go, it greatly restricts your options to maneuver from there. It’s a less compelling story, but also forces all your posts to be reminders of the same project instead of being able to update it in steps. If on the other hand, you begin by opening donations for the building’s foundation, then move to posts about donations for the structure, then the roof, parking lot, etc, it creates a far more flexible narrative.

It highlights consistent success and movement in a language that donors can get behind. Use this method in your events, website pages, and social media posts, but also in your email footer. As we talked about earlier, the email footer is an often forgotten plot of space for an ask, but it becomes even more effective when updated with your projects.

Social Media As a Platform for Progress

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and it would seem those thousand words have made a pretty strong case for the growth of social media within the last decade. At ClickBid we’ve been very focused on creating a silent auction software that feels at home in the internet age. Our text to give technology has been designed for easy use at your charity auctions, but also when incorporated on social media. Posting text to give links alongside the updates about your project is a startlingly successful combination. However, that success does remain contingent on two key factors.

Firstly, make sure that you’re always including pictures in your posts. Taking the small amount of extra effort to provide a visual for the project has been shown to greatly increase engagement with your posts. As we’ve already discussed, it also builds awareness upon a more concrete message for your donors to support. While Facebook and Twitter have spearheaded the popularity of social media, don’t forget platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, which revolve entirely around sharing images specifically.

Next, make sure that your social media is updated regularly and clearly. Nothing kills energy for a project like a stagnant stream of information. Announcing when you’ve finished a new phase in your project is an excellent habit; however don’t settle down there. Whenever a new milestone has been reached, tell your donors what’s next. This is a key time to remind your client base about online donations to continue pushing forward. Utilize mobile bidding software to inspire engagement on what’s being accomplished and how they can help.


1. Inform Donors About Text to Give Opportunities
2. Pitch Online Donations Alongside Clear Steps
3. Highlight Your Progress and How to Support

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