How Do We Compare?

As an organization, ClickBid hasn’t been intimidated by the growing number of mobile bidding companies present. Instead, we believe a crowded market has only allowed ClickBid to stand apart more than ever. But we want our customers to share the same confidence in our work. Here are five reasons that ClickBid remains the most capable partner for your business.

1. Unmatched Experience

Founded in 2002, ClickBid’s resume is one that speaks for itself. The sheer amount of time spent honing our product has placed us leaps and bounds ahead of our peers. The extensive list of event sizes, venues, and locations under our belt is a testimony only achieved through years of work. ClickBid has carved a veteran spot in the industry even with numerous mobile bidding companies present.

2. The Roots of Mobile Bidding Companies

Hospice of MichiganOne thing most mobile bidding companies share in common is that their customer base is non-profit organizations. Where ClickBid stands apart is by how closely those non-profits roots are to its inception. We began as a single event for a non-profit statewide hospice. Our journey began creating a greater experience for the special auction items at this event. And from there, the rest is history. We’re proud to say that we understand and share the heart of our non-profit clients.

3. Unhindered Use Of Features

Many of our competitors will offer a low-cost initial product only to cripple their customer’s events with unforeseen restrictions. Important features end up being capped. Customers are left paying out of pocket to update their plans. At ClickBid, we’ve done business differently. Our one-time payment of $500 grants full event access to unlimited bidders, unlimited auction items, pre/post-event bidding, text notices, promotion, and more. Customers are also given a yearlong discounted price of $250 for every event following.

Hosted by AmazonOur cloud-based technology has been designed to perform even amidst the most straining circumstances. With ClickBid, your event will be available 24/7 and under any type of web traffic. Our reliable infrastructure is one of the traits separating us from the pool of mobile bidding companies present.

4. Managed Support

Dedicated Customer Support

Our goal at ClickBid is giving you full control to manage your event, but to be available from start to finish. Our customer service representatives are trained to go above and beyond the traditional technical or customer support offered by competing mobile bidding companies. Working with ClickBid guarantees you a personal customer service representative who will help manage and provide expert suggestions towards your event’s success.

5. A Mobile Bidding Company With a Testimony

We take more pride in serving our customers than any other accolade. And we believe their importance to our vision shows in our work. Since 2002, our service has been backed by years of reviews and affirmation from our customers. They speak volumes about exactly what sets us apart and why we’d love to have you join us.