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Mobile Bidding and Data Integration

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Silent Auction Software and Integration

Cash or coupon?

For most, cash would be the undisputed answer to that question. Yes, the $20 off coupon and a $20 bill deliver similar results at your favorite restaurant, but therein lies the problem. That paper cutout from a magazine or brochure has value. But unlike its federally printed counterpart, its worth is limited solely to the establishment. Today, the interconnected nature of business and technology has made multifaceted application incredibly important. Our clients deserve access to silent auction software that functions in multiple elements. By this belief, ClickBid seeks to eliminate restrictions on where and how the value of your data applies.

Streamlined Silent Auction Software

ClickBid has accomplished this chiefly through integrating with other companies in our realm of silent auction software. Users are often familiar with the concept of integration from using websites that allow logins with an already existing email or social media profile. The purpose in this example is streamlining your accounts and info. In many ways, integrations with silent auction software function in the same way, but simply on a larger scale.

Integrating ClickBid

At ClickBid, we believe in the value of our product. However, we understand that clients often use other software in addition to ClickBid for a variety of tasks. Instead of restricting, we want our tools to go hand in hand with what you are comfortable using. Whether uploading to a mailing system, text messaging tool, or a donor management system, our recent integration updates make the data you collect with ClickBid available to you. This is a task that we’ve been expanding over the last few years and one that we hope to only continue pursuing further. More than just having the data accessible, tailored integrations allow for more secure and efficient transferring of data. Rather than simply importing and exporting, our goal is to create seamless exchanges for your work.

Silent Auction Software that Adapts to You

Our motto has always been keeping our technology crazy simple.  It is allowing you to accomplish the highest level of results relative to the amount of time you’re able to spend. The use of proper data integration allows for a greater degree of precision and professionalism in your event planning. Data collected through our silent auction software will provide the information an organization must know about its donors. Names, donations made, whether or not they won items, these are examples of data that’s valuable long after your event has ended. Whether personalizing thank you messages to donors or updating on coming events, the data from one event is the stepping stone to success in the next.

So again, cash or coupon? The value of your data is far more akin to the first, so why restrict it? ClickBid is proud of its recent updates and remains determined to continue upon this current course. We’re happy to hear feedback on recent integrations as well as insight on what you might like to see next.

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