ClickBid Mobile Bidding
Industry Leading Features

Mobile bidding has proven itself as a tool that raises more money than paper auctions. The ability to let guests bid from virtually anywhere (including from home) greatly increases activity. This increased activity means winning bids are higher. Statistically 30-40% higher than paper.

We also know you have options – we have seen them spring up around us over our 15 years in the industry.
So why ClickBid and what industry-leading features do we offer?

1 – Managed Auction Support

We don’t offer a Do-It-Yourself package because like many DIY projects, they never seem to turn out as well as when a professional is involved (just look at my deck). That’s why each of our customers receives an advisor that has assisted hundreds of organizations. They are your guide and professional that helps you avoid pitfalls and gets you set up the right way for raising the most money.

2 – Transparent Pricing

We put our pricing out in front so you know exactly what to tell your board when presenting mobile bidding. There are no hidden costs such as performance fees, extra bidder/item fees, second chance auction fees, hosting fees, etc. You can view our pricing online and even speak with our account staff to get the rock bottom price that will never change.

3 – Full Array of Mobile Bidding Features

Mobile Bidding ChecklistOur initial license includes all the features you need to run a better auction. These include:

You can also add Secure Tickets/Landing Pages or Mass Text/Email for a one-time fee of $400/each. For any repeat events within your annual license, you pay nothing.

To learn more about ClickBid’s industry-leading features, explore our additional features under the FEATURES menu or set up a meeting with one of our staff.

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