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Charities who conduct a mobile bidding silent auction are no longer in the minority. With more than 50% of auctions hosting the software, consumers now have the evidence in front of them. Further testimony is the rapid break into the mainstream during 2010-2011 at a pace that hasn’t slowed down since. Today, it’s clear that mobile bidding is tested and here to stay. Understanding how silent auctions evolved from paper-reliant bidding is a success story that businesses continue to benefit from. Why have so many chosen mobile bidding?

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One to Many Paper Bidding

One to Many Paper Bidding

It hasn’t taken long for mobile bidding silent auction software to spread through the market. And the reasons speak for themselves. Allowing donors to bid from any location is a feature that has changed the industry. The age old problem referred to as the “One to Many” limitation is no longer a hindrance to charity auctions. With traditional paper bidding, organizations experienced the problem of many donors wanting the same item but only having one place to bid. Today, mobile bidding has all but resolved the issue with its “Many to Many” strategy.

Donations were once contingent upon the donor’s ability to reach the event during the set time. Today, bidding can take place from anywhere before and even during the event. Auctions are now maximized by extending into the dinner program of your event or by providing a second chance auction for items not sold that night.

Mobile Bidding Software Helps Keep Your Charity Auctions Organized

The technology has constructed a better event experience for both guests and staff. We understand that events speak volumes to your constituents. And thanks to mobile bidding, an efficient and seamless event is more achievable than ever. The once inevitable stress of long lines or bidders crowding over a single item is now eliminated.

PCI CompliantAdditionally, purchases and payment data are automatically uploaded and stored within your software. Simultaneously, ClickBid’s PCI compliant software goes the extra mile to provide an added peace of mind. Instead of calculations and data input drawing your staff’s attention attention away from the event, mobile bidding keeps you focused on what’s important

Learn How ClickBid’s Mobile Bidding Software Has Evolved

Many to Many Mobile BiddingFounded in 2002, ClickBid has been an influential presence in the market since the beginning. We spearheaded the “Many to Many” reinvention with computer stations and then moving up to tablets. Today, we channel our tested experience and advanced technology into reassuring newcomers unlike anyone else.

We’ve hosted numerous first-time events all with the goal of helping customers enter at a low cost. Our affordability allows charities to test the mobile bidding silent auction themselves without pressure and discover the right fit.

Mobile bidding silent auction success is no longer a surprise. Today, the service only continues to grow from here. Will you be a part of it? Contact us today.

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