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Support vs. Guidance: An Update

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Support vs. Guidance: An Update

At ClickBid, we witness firsthand the amount planning and consideration our clients allocate to their events. With this level of dedication, you deserve to have your returns match the energy you apply. Our mobile bidding system’ assists in this process and behind this technology is a team of people ready to do the same. More than just support, ClickBid is poised to provide guidance and direction when you need it. This encompasses not only any help with our technology but also veteran advice for running your event. And with our most recent update, that mission statement has never been more clear.

Mobile Bidding: Providing More Than Just Support

A decade ago, a bulk of our customer support comprised of assisting users with their technology packages. However, with the growing popularity of silent auctions, we’ve found clients want more than just knowledge about the interface. Providing practical answers to event-related questions is an equally important part of who we are. Yet, to truly do this effectively it required us to adopt a new method of customer support. Phone calls and screen sharing are effective for resolving technology questions. But with event consultations, it’s a medium that often results in clients calling back to refresh details and information given.

Practical Answers. On Your Time Schedule.

Our most recent update effectively solves this problem. Clients can now send questions directly through our support portal, which will then deliver’ it as a support ticket to our team. The system places efficient response time at the forefront by maintaining a status log of your question. Customer support can respond via a message, video, or a screen sharing session. Additionally, the entire discussion is archived and accessible by email for your convenience. No need to log into the support portal again, you can now revisit your question and the subsequent answers at any time.

This impacts the quality of our service and your event planning in a number of ways. By storing correspondence in a private thread, it helps’ us to deliver the best level of service for your time. Instead of blocking out your schedule for a single phone call, the update allows clients to ask questions, reply, and review answers on their own time. First, this guarantees that thorough details are never compromised for the sake of time. And second, team members can now provide consulting based upon the archives of past questions.

In Summary: Service That’s More Than Just Mobile Bidding

The mobile bidding industry is one that requires in-depth care and rewards diligence. We’re excited to begin working with each of our clients through this updated platform. Service is about more than just support, it’s guidance you can count on. Not only in the quality of its information, but in how it is communicated.

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