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Mobile Bidding Training: Keep Your Foot on the Gas

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With your event winding down, there’s no need to wind down your fundraising. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to gather your data from the event and use it strategically. In this article I’ve collected a few ways to use your data to further your fundraising.

1. Thank You Text Messages

Thank You!With your list of attendees, consider a text message thanking your guests for attending. Better yet, build a thank you page on your website that thanks your donors for attending. This will accomplish several things. First, it will drive traffic to your website. This promotes secondary causes and awareness about your charity. Always a good thing. Second, you can provide further information on the event and even provide another chance to give.

Another option with text messaging is to send a message to those guests who did not bid or did not win. These represent donors who might still be willing to give if presented with a chance. Again, I recommend a simple page on your website that provides specific information about this grouping and how giving can help your charity. Here’s an article on the importance of traffic and seo.

A quick note on these “special pages” I’m suggesting. The web can be extremely generic when it comes to corporate websites. However, your donors are very used to personalized content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By creating very simple pages that address your audience, you can provide personalization to give a more individualized touch.

2. Second Chance or Online Auction

After your event, you have a clear picture as to what sold and what didn’t sell in your auction. Additionally, you can also see how “hot” an item was by the volume of bids. This is vastly important because you can be certain that if you had more of these items, you could sell them online down the road. What I would suggest is waiting perhaps a couple weeks and then determine if you can solicit more items that either sold high or had high bidding volume. If you can gather more items, open an online auction and email your bidders. Let them know that based on popularity, you have provided an opportunity to buy more over a couple weeks.

This will help keep you connected to your donors. It will also give you material to tweet about and put on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

3. Post Event Survey

Online SurveyA great way to gather data so that next year can be even better – conduct a post event survey. Here are some options. You can gather satisfaction data on venue, meal, silent auction, presentation of auction items, check-in, check-out and so on. The results of this data can tell you how to tweak your event next year so guests have an even better experience. Use your bidder data to help build a recipient list so you can get info fast. Don’t let too much time go between the event and you survey. People will be more inclined to respond while the event is fresh on their minds and they can remember details.

In summary

Regardless of the route you take (I say all of them), if you keep the wheels moving, you can benefit from the momentum you generated at the event. Make it part of your overall auction planning so that it’s engrained in the process versus an after thought.

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