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BidKit Payments. Secure. Simple.

Crazy Simple payment processing for our non-profit organizations.

BidKit Payments is ClickBid’s end-to-end payment processing solution, built on the Stripe architecture. Offering best-in-class pci compliant, painless card capture online and at your event, and payout reconciliation right inside your ClickBid account. Get paid faster and easier with our weekly automated payments. Best of all, no hidden charges or performance fees to make sure you capture the most of your cause.

PCI Protection

BidKit Payments is powered by Stripe, an industry leader in security and fraud protection. Any payment screen presented on ClickBid’s site is provided directly by Stripe. This means that any data you enter is transmitted directly to Stripe without being passed through other networks. This ensures the highest level of security for you and your donors. ClickBid never sees or stores card data. Ever.

Save Time & Get Paid Faster

BidKit Payments offers faster reconciliation and payouts than previously available. Link directly and securely to your bank account so all your funds are transferred without requesting a payout. Better yet, all your payments are managed in your ClickBid account. No need to jump around to see who’s done what.

Compare ClickBid Payment Solutions

BidKit Payments

  • Links directly to your bank.
  • Offer immediate refunds.
  • Weekly automated payouts.
  • Industry leading security (PCI).

ClickBid Legacy Payments

  • Paid via ACH or check.
  • Refunds requested as needed.
  • Request manual payouts.
  • Standard PCI compliant.
United States and Canada

Supporting the United States and Canada

BidKit Payments is proud to support charities in the United States and Canada. No matter where your charity resides, you can quickly and painlessly setup your secure payments and payouts in just minutes. 

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