Secure Mobile Payment Processing For Mobile Bidding & Mobile Auctions

credit card payment processing

After an event, ClickBid will assist you with reconciliation with our merchant. This means you don’t need to set up a credit card processor and pay monthly fees, PCI compliance fees, card vault storage fees, etc. We handle that and help you validate all transactions. Once approved, we wire funds directly to you overnight. Now that’s simple!

Getting paid should be equal parts simple and secure. ClickBid has taken extra measures to secure and simplify millions of dollars worth of payments over the years as security concerns have risen dramatically. Through our partnership with Braintree Payments (a PayPal company), we have secured your guest’s data at the highest level. Guests can enter their own payment info from their own device via our hosted forms that point directly to our merchant. This means a card holder’s data skips ClickBid completely and is directed straight to our merchant. All we see is a token that allows us to request a payment when a guest checks out. We’ve gone the extra mile to make sure your guest’s data is protected by the latest and highest level of encryption and security.

Keep your personal information safe with ClickBid’s secure mobile payment processing for mobile bidding and mobile auctions.