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New Features – Mobile Updates

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The more and more we develop for ClickBid the more and more it becomes obvious that the vast majority of users are looking at ClickBid from their phones than from a computer. If there are 300-400 people attending an event, most of them will look at auction items from ClickBid’s rentable iPod Touches. Even more than that will happily load up the auction from their own iPhones, Droids, Evo’s or Blackberries. The only real “computer” viewers have become’ ClickBid staff or check-in/check-out volunteers. And even that is about to change.

For all our new customers, we now offer simple check-in and check-out from mobile devices. You can easily use your mobile device (as a volunteer/client of ClickBid) to check-in and check-out guests. Using ClickBid’s iPod Touch devices allows you to even print from the iPod directly to a wireless printer.

The main advantage is that you can re-purpose ClickBid’s rented iPod Touch devices as check-out stations and have as many as 10 volunteers checking out guests. It cuts down on long lines and makes check-out incredibly fast. We wish we could take credit for the idea – we got if from Apple. If you’ve ever been in an Apple Store, you can see that just about any employee can check you out from their personal iPod Touch. Fast, simple and happy. It works for Apple, and now it works for you.

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