ClickBid On-Site Support for Mobile Bidding & Online Auctions

Ensuring your event runs stress-free is key to our service delivery. That’s why we work to keep ClickBid Mobile Bidding as simple and clean as possible. Across the industry, we have seen our competitors lose the ability to see the forest for the trees. At the end of the night, your guests should have 1) experienced an easy to use mobile bidding platform that has 2) enabled more bidding which 3) results in higher totals. Simple.

Rely on ClickBid to ensure your online auction & mobile bidding runs smoothly with On-Site support

For some events, securing volunteers to manage check-in, check-out and concierge bidding is difficult. To assist inconsistent delivery throughout the event, ClickBid provides two levels of dedicated support during the critical hours.

ClickBid Remote Advantage
Every ClickBid license includes critical phone, text, email support on the day of your event. Rest assured, you’re covered with our best team. Our remote support team monitors services can help you troubleshoot your event and keep you on the right track.

ClickBid On-Site Advantage – Flat fee pricing
For complex events where custom WiFi setups are required, volunteer training is required or you want the peace of mind that comes from having a ClickBid pro(s) on-site. All our national staff has earned ClickBid On-site Certification and possess the skills necessary to run your event from beginning to end.
Our on-site staff arrives early at your venue to ensure you are “mobile bidding ready” prior to the opening of your event. They will train and support your volunteers through the entire event. Your on-site team will answer questions and support any ClickBid need during your event – the ultimate in peace-of-mind.

On-Site support for designed to help your non-profit grow – Mobile Bidding & Online Auction Support



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